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Introduce HPT

Hoju Pacific Tours was founded at Sydney, Australia

Good Memory Tours is the parent company.
Hoju Pacific tours did business continuously so it have the best credit rating from local hotels and attraction companies.

Good Memory Tours/ Hoju Pacific Tours become a foundation putting over many incentive events.
  It was a big support that can get faith from many travel agencies at Korea.  We run not only professional operation but also experienced house guide.  We are confident that we have the specialty compared to the other companies.  Moreover we can minimize mistakes occurring in Korea and local area because,  we have our own intranet system.

Thank you for visiting Hoju Pacific Tours.

We would like to thank those of you who have vistited HOJU Pacific web site. Australia have various attractions. That's because Australia have different time zone thanks to its location.

There are many things such as vast site, exotic animals and plants, clean nature environment and amazing food. Australia will be right answer if you want happiness and healing time away from complicated life.

HOJU Pacific called Australia tour expert would join with your itinerary. We would make happy and special memories based on local office which is located Australia and New Zealand, professional human resources and accumulated know-how. We look forward to joining with your special memories.

President Hoju Pacific Tours


Our Branch Office

Build optimal operation environment and provide services by a branch network using accumulated experiences and know-how from Hoju Pacific Tour

Seoul/Busan, korea
Seoul branch
Suite 616, 91, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL : 82-0)2-733-5532
FAX : 82-0)2-771-5667

Busan branch
#1107 749-1, Gaya-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
TEL : 82-0)51-929-6284
FAX : 82-0)51-793-0697
Suite 302, 51 Rawson St. Epping, N.S.W. 2121 AUSTRALIA
TEL : 02) 8006-5432
FAX : 02) 6527-7890

Unit 22403 / 5 Lawson St. Southport QLD 4215 AUSTRALIA
TEL : 07-5604-1168, 0415-195-033
TEL : 03-9602-1200
New Zealand
Unit F, 171A Target Road Wairau Vally, Auckland,
TEL : 64 9 880 3300

Business Area


We provide a tailor-made trip services based on Hoju Pacific tour’s accumulated know-how.


Various group package travel
Regional, seasonal, by themes and by targets
(design travel plan)

Company group (MICE)

Australia incentive travel(design travel plan)
Australia convention event progress
company/group vacation and operation
of event
Harmony of labor and management,
group semina

Local government training

Public official of local government training,
various seminar
Industry inspection of leading company/
Connection establishing training plan


Travel incentive, exhibition fair, workshop of
executives and staff members
Operation of company VIP invitation event
Operation of field trip programs
Planning customized travel products for

Working hard and making the success

▪ NH sightseeing
▪ Lotte sightseeing(packacge)
▪ Interpark(packacge)
▪ Modutour agency(packacge)
▪ Cham joeun agency(packacge)
▪ KRT agency(packacge)
▪ Jayu tour agency(packacge)
▪ Online tour agency(packacge)
▪ Onnuri agency(packacge)
Company group (MICE)
▪ Lotte Homeshopping KOREA BRAND EXPO
▪ OSSTEM IMPLANT / Chinese Dental Association
▪ Hysler celebration
▪ SK telecom store boss group series
▪ KT local inspection team
▪ KB bank vacation incentive / AIA life
▪ Woori bank series
▪ Daejeon MBC series event of its founding
▪ LG electric store boss group
▪ Rotary contest event(Sydney)
▪ BC card client event
▪ A long-service man of national agricultural
▪ cooperative federation vacation incentive
▪ Korea Yakult event
▪ Korea pension corporation series
▪ Outstanding staff of Kyobo insurance in head office
▪ inspection group
▪ Medis obstetrics Melbourne
Local government training
▪ The City hall of Seoul UITF traffic society participation group
▪ The City hall of Busan leading sports facility group of visitors
▪ The City hall of Suwon sports association leading
▪ facility participation group
▪ The City hall of Suwon women’s center participation group
▪ The City hall of tax administration inspection team
▪ Daejeon agricultural technology center local inspector group
▪ Seoul Health Welfare department local health
▪ welfare inspector group
▪ Veterans Welfare & Healthcare corporation senior facility field trip
▪ Hwasung health center public health administration inspection team
▪ Gusungu, Suwon public health center local health board inspection team
▪ Visiting Welfare center at Ministry of Health and Welfare
▪ Member of the Taean-gun assembly overseas inspection team
▪ Member of the Kyungki-do assembly overseas inspection team
▪ Melbourne berian technology factory field inspection team
Our Customer



If you want some more information about travel items or hotels, we wil give reply as soon as possible.
Please fill in below information and send us.

Suite 302, 51 Rawson St. Epping, N.S.W. 2121 AustralIa